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Blanchard Rotary Table Grinders: Blanchards have been in use since the early 1900's. When accuracy of parallelism and flatness are required in grinding, engineers will usually specify Blanchard grinding of the part. Blanchard grinding is somewhat of an art; a trained and experienced operator can hold fairly close tolerances with even a worn-out Blanchard. To best help you in purchasing the right Blanchard Grinder for your particular needs, we will need to know what size table or chuck is needed to hold your part or parts. We'll need to know how much horsepower will be required to do all the different parts you're apt to be grinding. Hogging or deep cut grinding requires more horsepower than fine finish grinding. We will also need to know the maximum amount of vertical clearance needed between the chuck and the grinding wheel. Thus, we will need to know the height of your tallest parts to be ground. Last, but not least, you will need to consider how much room you have in your shop for a Blanchard grinder. If you have plenty of room, you might want to consider a "dry base grinder" with a coolant tank separate from the grinder. This set-up allows for easier clean-out of the grinding sludge that collects. If shop room is limited you may need to purchase a "wet based" Blanchard grinder with the coolant tank combined in the base of the machine. Once we present you just - the - right Blanchard Grinder for your needs, it would be wise to not waste time going to inspect it; nice Blanchard grinders sell rather quickly, even in slower economic times.

Horizontal Boring Mills: Since the 1800's, horizontal boring mills have been in use. At first they were very primitive and basically used in the boring of large gun barrels. Today horizontal boring mills have evolved to be used in not only boring operations but also drilling, milling, tapping, turning and threading. Predominantly, horizontal boring mills are used to machine large precision parts. Machines equipped with a tail stock are capable of performing very long boring operations without losing accuracy. In order to help you purchase the right horizontal boring mill for your needs, we need to know how large and how heavy the parts will be that are to be machined. This will determine the size table and travels needed. We'll need to know the maximum height of parts so we can determine how much vertical travel the spindle will need to have. If you will be machining a lot of aluminum, you may need to buy a horizontal boring mill with more RPM's. Heavy cuts in stainless steel may require low RPM's and high torque. Parts that require machining on two or more sides can be machined with a lot less difficulty if the horizontal boring mill is equipped with a rotary table. G&L is by far the most popular brand of horizontal boring mill but we also deal in Lucus, Union, Wotan and others. Each brand has its own inherent advantages such as low height etc. Spindle diameter needed is determined by the size bores you will be making and also, the amount of torque and rigidity required to do the job. We look forward to being of help!

OBI and GAP Presses: Minster built their very first OBI press in 1926. Today, there are numerous manufacturers of both OBI and Gap Presses but Minster is known as the finest of them all. Other respected names in OBI presses are Bliss, Clearing, Aida, Verson, Niagara, Komatsu, and Johnson. There are still more manufacturers of OBI presses, too many to mention. When you contact us searching for an OBI Press or a Gap press, we will need to know the tonnage you need to run your dies and do the job. We will also need to know what bed size will be required to hold your dies. Next, we will need to know the length of stroke needed and how many strokes per minute. Also, we'll need to know the shut height required and any brand preferences you may have. OBI presses are of two general types, fly wheel type and back-geared type. Fly wheel type OBI presses are the most popular. Also, both OBI and Gap presses may be either single crank or double crank. You typically see double crank type presses with wider bed applications, for obvious reasons. Regardless of what your press needs might be, and regardless of what you may see listed on this website, do give us a call. We'll do our best to provide the right OBI or Gap press for your particular needs.

Straight Side Presses: When strength and rigidity are called for in the stamping of parts, straight side presses are the answer. There are several major brands of straight side presses such as Aida, Bliss, Clearing, Danly, Komatsu, Stamtec and Verson. All of these brands have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. Minster is by far considered to be the finest straight side press made. We spend a lot of time finding Minster presses with specs that will meet the needs of most stamping operations. It is our goal to buy Minster presses that have been well maintained and with relatively low hours on them. Once we find a straight side press of this caliber, we know that we will be able to provide you, the customer, with a quality press. We thus spend a lot of time searching for Minster straight side presses. When you contact us in search of a straight side press, be it Minster or some other brand, we will first need to know your tonnage requirements and bed size needed. Then, we will need to know the length of stroke required to run your dies and the speed (SPM) desired. If the press will be coil fed as opposed to being hand fed, we will need to know what size windows you'll need. Also, we will need to know what shut height your dies require. In some operations there are ceiling height restrictions that demand low profile presses. Be sure and check ceiling/overhead clearances where the press will be located. Quite often, we are also able to provide you a straight side press that is floor standing and doesn't require a pit. Contact us any time you're in need of a nice reliable straight side stamping press.

Surface Grinders: Reciprocating table type surface grinders with a horizontal spindle are probably the most popular type of machine shop machinery. It would be very unusual to find a machine shop or tool and die shop or even a maintenance shop in some manufacturing plant that didn't have at least one surface grinder. The size of the grinder is determined by the size of the magnetic chuck with sizes ranging from small 5 x 10 inch chucks to 68 x 320 inch or even larger. Horsepower can range from a small one horsepower motor to two hundred and fifty or more. Some of the popular brands on the used market now are: Acer, Brown & Sharpe, Boyar Shultz, Chevalier, DoAll, Elb, Gallmeyer & Livingston, Kent, Mattison, Okamoto, Parker--Majestic, Reid and of course, Thompson. Among smaller grinders, Brown & Sharpe and DoAll seem to be the most popular. Among medium size grinders, Brown & Sharpe, Mattison and Okamoto seem to be the most popular brands. In larger grinders, Thompson and Mattison are no doubt the most popular. When you contact us searching for a surface grinder, we will need to know the chuck size desired, the horsepower you need, and any brand preferences you might have. Incremental down feed is a nice feature on grinders that have it and many do. It allows the operator to "walk away" and do other tasks while the grinder automatically feeds down incrementally as it proceeds making passes. One word of caution, people tend to purchase surface grinders that have too little horsepower for the work they will be doing. I would urge you to look at all the different jobs that have come through your shop or plant and the kind of jobs you will be apt to do in the future and buy plenty of horsepower. Call or email us now regarding your reciprocating surface grinder needs.

Vertical Boring Mills & VTL's: In 1905 Giddings & Lewis Co. built their first "boring machine" and now there are numerous brands of vertical boring mills and VTL's in operation in machining facilities of all types. Though Bullard Cutmasters are the most popular brand of vertical boring mills, we do also sell Cincinnati, G&L, King, Webster & Bennett etc. We do sell both manual and CNC vertical boring mills and/or VTL's. Many of the later model vertical boring mills (VTLs) have now been converted to CNC, thus making it difficult to find good late model manual type machines. We therefore invest a lot of time trying to find desirable late model machines. The first thing you'll need to determine is how large a table/chuck you will need and the weight capacity it will need to have. Then the second consideration is usually vertical clearance under the rail; how tall are those work pieces apt to be? Then, what type of work heads will you need to do all the different machining operations to be involved? The vertical boring mill you buy may need to have a turret head, a side head or one or more ram heads for machining the ID or OD of cylindrical shaped work pieces. Regardless of how large or small a vertical boring mill (VTL) you may need and regardless of how it needs to be equipped, contact us now!

Used & Reconditioned Machinery: Though we specialize in the above six types of used/ reconditioned machinery, namely Blanchard grinders, horizontal boring mills, OBI/Gap presses, straight side presses, surface grinders and vertical turret lathes or boring mills, we also deal in a broad range of used and reconditioned metal working machinery of many types. We deal in all the types of metal working machinery found in the typical machine shop, tool & die shop or manufacturing plant where things are manufactured from metal. We deal in metal working machinery.

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